Custom Text - Tutorial
Jul 19, 2019 - INFLUENCERS
Francisco Sampaio

This is your first tutorial for the Custom Text feature. This is an incredible tool to make your designs even more interactive for your buyers. Let's find out how it works from the beginning.

  • First, you need to Create a New Campaign and Upload Your Artwork. Click on this button on the top of the page:


  • And upload your design! Remember to create a design having in mind that your buyers will customize it later!


  • Wait for it to upload to our platform! We're processing it!


  • Then, you need to edit one item. Select from the list of all items in the Apparel section, and then click the green button "Edit":


  • You can find the Custom Text in the right sidebar. Here you can add text fields, select fonts (or upload your own font) and position the text fields, live on the mock-up!


  • Let's have a closer look into this panel:


  • Size the fields properly and position them right on the mock-up! This will be the version to be customized and printed!


  • Let's upload a new font! Select Upload Font, upload the font file, and it will update the text field automatically. Like this, in the word "Jack":


  • That's it! You can launch your campaign! What about the buyer's view? Let's check it out! This is what they will see with the two text fields to be customized.


  • Once they customize it...


Now let's go bold!

Create fun designs so that your buyers will have an awesome interactive experience and say "I own this" when they make a purchase!

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