Verifying your custom domain on Facebook with a Meta Tag
Mar 01, 2021 - SELLERS
Iseult Larkin

Due to Apple’s recent iOS 14 privacy updates, Facebook now requires some advertisers to verify their domains.  If you are running Facebook ads to product listings on Moteefe, we highly recommend moving to a White Label, custom domain store immediately.

If you haven’t yet set up your custom domain on Moteefe, this guide will show you how: Building your brand: creating a white label store and a custom domain

Step-by-step guide to setting up a custom domain

Once you have set up your White Label Store on Moteefe, follow the steps below to verify your domain using the Meta Tag method from within Facebook’s Business Manager.

How to add a domain in Facebook Business Manager

Step 1

Navigate to Facebook Business Manager and click on the Business Settings button in the screen’s top right corner.

Step 2

Once in Business Settings, click on the Brand Safety tab and select Domains from the navigation list.

Step 3

You will now see an Add button.  Click on it, and then enter your domain in the Add a Domain dialogue box that pops up.

Step 4

If you have multiple domains listed, select the domain which you want to confirm ownership of.


Step 5

You will be asked to choose from three options to verify your domain.  Make sure you select Meta Tag Verification.

Add a meta tag to the <head> section of your domain home page

On the Meta Tag Verification tab under your selected domain, you will find the meta tag that you will need.

      1. Copy the portion of the meta tag code that appears between content=” and “/>.
For example, if your meta tag code is <meta name=”facebook-domain-verification” content=”dxbrtxbu9n9waub1ksw1nbjr44y1bi” /> , select and copy dxbrtxbu9n9waub1ksw1nbjr44y1b

          2. Keeping the Facebook Meta Tag Verification tab open, open a new browser tab and log into your Moteefe Dashboard.

          3. Navigate to the Stores tab. Select the store attached to the custom domain that you want to verify and select the ‘Domain Verification’ icon in the top right corner of your store dashboard.


    4. In the pop-up dialogue box that appears, paste the meta tag code portion into the Facebook ‘Verification token’ field and then click ‘Save & Continue’.


          5. You can confirm that the meta tag is visible by visiting your store’s home page and viewing the HTML source.

          6. Navigate back to the Meta Tag Verification tab within Facebook’s Business Manager (see steps 1 to 5 if you have closed the tab).

          7. Once confirmed, click the Verify button at the bottom of the Meta Tag Verification tab for the selected domain.

    We will leave the meta tag on your store’s home page as it may be checked periodically by Facebook for verification purposes.


    Associate Facebook Pages with a Verified Domain

    1. Under Domains, select your desired domain, and then click Pages in the Assigned Assets panel.  Click the Assign Pages button on the right-hand side.

    2. You will see all of the Pages that you have added to your Facebook Business Manager.  If you cannot see your Facebook page, make sure that you have imported it into your Business Manager under the Pages tab.  Select all the Pages that you wish to add to your domain, and then click 'Save Changes'.

    1. You will now see the added Pages listed under Assigned Assets for the domain that you selected.

    Happy selling!

    Team Moteefe

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